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Redefining Career Trajectories: From Fashion Design to Cyber Security Risk Management

Today, Tine Reuther works as a Senior Consultant at Devoteam. However, that was not always the plan. Tine Reuther’s journey from the fashion industry to the realm of cyber security is a testament to breaking barriers and embracing unexpected paths. Her story underscores the power of resilience, adaptability, and breaking free from societal norms.

From Fashion to Cyber

Tine’s professional journey began with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, with aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. However, her reluctance to pursue conventional fashion roles led her to explore alternative paths. She pursued another bachelor’s degree in emergency and risk management, which offered a broader perspective on security, safety and humanitarian aid.

During an internship, Tine stumbled upon social engineering, sparking a profound interest that would shape her future.

– This led me to focus on security awareness training in my studies, and after completing my degree, I joined a non-profit company working with the state delving into awareness, phishing, and social engineering.

The fusion of fashion design and cyber security may seem unconventional, but it’s where innovation thrives:

– It’s crucial to understand that diverse skills can be applied effectively in cyber security. While my background is in both fashion design and traditional crisis and risk management, I successfully merged my skills into the cyber domain. Leveraging my design expertise, I bring project management skills, time management, as well as creative problem-solving. My ability to think outside the box brings creativity to find unique and unconventional solutions, often connecting dots that others overlook.

Navigating a Male-Dominated Industry

Tine admits that transitioning from the feminine-dominated field of fashion to the male-dominated one of cyber security was noticeable. She sheds light on the importance of professionalism and assertiveness in overcoming gender biases.

– There is a need for increased awareness about diversity and inclusion in the industry, Tine states.

Despite encountering instances of mansplaining, she remains steadfast in asserting her expertise and professionalism, advocating for inclusivity and gender equality in the workplace.

– It underscores the importance of being confident in your skills and standing your ground, regardless of gender.

Empowering Women in Cyber Security

Tine ponders the critical role of education in motivating women to pursue careers in cyber security.

– For example, initiatives to introduce programming and technology education to all children can help break stereotypes early on. Additionally, we need to emphasize diverse career paths within cyber security and highlight that one’s background does not determine their success in the field. Shifting the narrative from specific degrees to individual skills and adaptability can encourage more women to explore and excel in cyber security.

Adding to this, Tine reflects on the necessity of continuous learning in such a rapidly evolving field as cyber security and IT.

– In an ever-changing field like IT, continuous learning is essential. Learning should be a constant pursuit, and being receptive to diverse experiences enriches both personal and professional life.

Finally, she considers workplace dynamics, emphasising the importance of inclusivity in fostering a supportive environment for all.

– At Devoteam, my workplace, fostering an inclusive environment is prioritised, with equal recognition based on skills rather than gender, ensuring a sense of respect and equality for all.

Looking Ahead and Inspiring Future Generations

– My advice to young women is to follow their dreams without letting gender stereotypes hold them back. Gender should not be a limiting factor in pursuing your passions. Embrace your professionalism and skills, and success will follow naturally. This counsel extends to everyone, irrespective of gender. I encourage you all to stay curious, be open-minded, and refrain from judging. By focusing on professionalism and skills, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society where individuals are judged based on their abilities rather than their gender.

In Tine Reuther’s narrative, we witness the evolution of a fashion enthusiast into a cyber security professional, proving that passion, adaptability, and resilience can redefine professional trajectories. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities that unfold when one dares to defy expectations.